We are Responsible for Everything that has Happened in the Middle East and as Christians we Must Provide for all the Refugees who come to our Nations: Its the only Christian thing to do, don’t you know? 

THIS IS MY RESPONSE TO AN ARTICLE BY CHALCEDON ON AATW ABOUT THE REFUGEE CRISIS IN THE WEST: https://jessicahof.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/islam-the-west/


Well all the good Christian’s in Europe and America really were quite welcoming to the Jews after the Second World War; being turned away by the shiploads which perhaps was the biggest reason for the establishment of Israel because nobody wanted them. And in the annals of warfare since the Christian era we did not invite back the Moor refugees or the defeated and displaced Muslims who had invaded Europe. We are more Christian in this post-Christian era than we ever were in the past it seems. The idea of letting the vanquished set about to rebuild their countries ended when we did the Christian thing and poured copious amount of money and expertise into their countries to help them recover from their losses. We helped them get back on their feet. So the winner of the conflict not only rebuilt our own damaged lands but also became responsible for that of our enemies.

So a different opinion might say that the “lazy thinking” (C alluded to in his post) is to limit one’s analysis to a single precedent action (our reactionary involvement in the Gulf Wars) and of course blaming ourselves (or more specifically the U.S. – the victims of their preemptive violence) for the refugee crisis resulting from these Middle East conflicts. Of course, we do not mention the unprecedented attacks of Bin Laden’s group on the World Trade Center, the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam, the failed attempt some years before on the World Trade Center, or the Iranian hostage crisis some years before . . . not to discount the sporadic terrorist attacks on planes and ships.

And for the (very tired) argument that it was fought for their oil the facts don’t support the thesis. We could have taken their oil or demanded free oil to pay for the cost of the war. We did neither.

And neither does this single approach take into account the historical incompatibility between  Mohammed’s new and novel religion with the Christian West which codifies everything from a society where men rule and women have no voices, female mutilations, honor killings, spreading the “faith” by the sword etc. which naturally sets an uncomfortable and rocky relationship between Christian principles at the heart of our societies and those that were formed by the prophet Muhammed. They have their own laws, their own tyrannical imams who are but the faces and voices of a collective theocratic oligarchy of despots who decide everything from education, morality, fighting undeclared wars of terror around the world and extending a glorious final outcome for those who die in the service of ethical and religious cleansing of their enemies; which are everyone that is not them. They even have factions amongst themselves that for each side demands the blood of the others. They are, of course, rather egalitarian in their treatment of non-muslims though they do have a specific hatred for the Jew and the Christian; but their clear goal is to eliminate all religions but their own . . . or should we say the ideology of their own; since it incorporates much more than simple beliefs in a deity and his worship [a motivational component for the weak coupled with the fear of the loss of their lives]. It utilizes a face of religion to conceal a political center that is a complete ideological system that encompasses a “final solution” to their plight; which is better looked at as our plight and their goal to eventually defeat and/or bring a demise to all things not Muslim.

Neither can one dismiss the founding of the Jewish state in the Middle East and once again we blame the Jews in regards to the Palestinian’s constant attacks against the State of Israel for their struggle to keep their nation safe. Once again False Compassion paints the Jew as the bad guy and the Palestinians as the victims; surely another case of siding with the murderers against the murdered . . . a case of False Compassion as Archbishop Sheen speaks in the video posted yesterday. We look back and blame ourselves once again for how we drew up the borders in the region [which is mostly true] and we show False Compassion for those who sided with the Nazis during the war and gave aid and comfort to our enemies. But that was not unforeseen because we have had a long a storied relationship in the West with the forces of Islam. They desire the elimination of the West, the Jew and the Christian.

There were the Barbary Pirates, which we can thank for the creation of the United States Marines who to this day are called leather necks which came from their dress to try to protect themselves from the brutal beheadings of these barbarians. There was the clashes in Vienna and Istanbul and the driving of the Moors from Gaul. It seems our ancestors knew that the Muslims would destroy Christendom if they ever got the upper hand. Of course we can also take blame for the Crusaders which seems like more self-blame without placing any responsibility at all on the Muslims for their part in this episode of history. We have been turned into a self-loathing society that places blame on ourselves constantly and excuses our enemies. I think much of that can be attributed to the new PC handbook of neo-Marxism that seems to have swept the Modern World. From Vietnam forward we have not had a conflict where we did not take on our shoulders the blame; and somewhat justified when we look at the changes in societal thinking that made its way into virtually every aspect of our lives. And since the Korean War we have not fought a war to the finish. Our new strategy seems to kick the can down the road to successive generations and let them deal with the problems that we wouldn’t solve.

So, for this new PC culture we now live in, let us not leave out of the mix the ‘Frankfort School’ (the Marxist think-tank and progenitors of radical activists) that migrated to NYC and got involved at Columbia University after fleeing the Nazis [since many of them were Jews], who gave us much of what our modern US and European politically correct ideals of egalitarianism and was directed toward overthrowing our Christianized societies to make room for their new incremental infestation of our societal norms; and we spread the ideas far and wide throughout the Western world. These same people divided our societies into oppressors and the oppressed. A new PC morality was born that freed us from the Christian ideas of morality and posed everything in ideas of unbridled freedoms of the libido and the necessity of equality of outcomes and financial status. They concentrated on the blacks, the poor and the homosexuals to bring about their revolution in ethics and to destroy the ‘repressive’ state of Western morality; and they were not and are not adverse to using violence and terrorist methods to bring this about. It opened the door to our modern progressive left activists including Saul Alinsky and George Soros to name but a few . . . and we know well their political recruits that inhabit our political parties today.

And although these carefully formed ‘newly educated’ political leaders may well have sold us into an un-winnable war, I for one don’t think that the people must pay the price for their misdeeds. We paid for their misdeeds with the life and limbs of the young and the patriotic lower and middle class soldiers who thought they were fighting to win a war and then withdraw and return home. They thought, as young people often do that they were giving the people a chance to throw off the chains of their oppressors and to protect our own country from future attack but we now have our professors telling us that we are nothing but oppressors and that the fallout of our failed policies must be visited upon our own societies as though it is a moral obligation to write our own obituaries for a dying society founded upon Christian principle. In fact, it is this new modern thinking that would not fight any war to the finish and this new egalitarian sense of right and wrong that has us spending tons of money fixing everything that was blown up and destroyed and care for all displaced people rather than help them build a new and better society than the one that was destroyed. We could not, of course, find a single Middle East coalition that would care for and protect these refugees so, of course, they must be incorporated into Western society as though it is a moral imperative to do so. It matters not that their fundamental principles are 180 degrees opposed to that of Western society . . . only that the optics make us look compassionate.

Never mind that a nuclear Pakistan and Iran are unstable and we must one day face this crisis instead of simply trying to talk to them . . . as we do with North Korea as well. The alliance between North Korea and Iran assures us that the real conflict lies ahead and that we have amongst our populations a large contingent of people that will support our future enemies in such a showdown. We will have to fight terrorism at the same time we confront global conflict and, God forbid, fought with nuclear weapons as these people are not averse to using them preemptively.

It is a pretty picture of these refugees to paint them all as those who want to find a better way of life; I’m sure that some do, just as I am sure that many do not. Recent problems with these refugees throughout the world paint a more sober reality however. But when these refugees one day create madrassa schools, demand sharia law, have grown their populations to find leadership roles in government and their children are radicalized into terrorists then what we have effectively accomplished will be an end to our own national identities and we will have handed it over quite willingly to the refugee so they can form us into a new society of their liking. Say good-bye to restoring our society to its Christian roots.

We need new leadership in America and in Europe if we are going to stave off the inevitable; though I think we have gotten in too deeply to extract ourselves in any way that is not going to involve the world in a great conflict. And besides, I do not think the Western World has the resolve to do what is necessary and take the criticism of the UN; the court of world opinion. Best go to the Mass of Reparation every 1st Saturday and ask for Mary’s help through Her Immaculate Heart. I think that is about all that is left at this point.

3 thoughts on “We are Responsible for Everything that has Happened in the Middle East and as Christians we Must Provide for all the Refugees who come to our Nations: Its the only Christian thing to do, don’t you know? 

    • I think so as well, Annie. We never did what we were asked by Our Lady of Fatima; or few have done so. It seems so odd to me that our bishops and pope did not make the devotion of reparation to Mary’s Immaculate Heart a big deal on first Saturday’s. I find it connected to the vision of Pope Leo XIII’s vision of the Holy See becoming the throne of corruption etc. And it all seems to be coming to fruition. The Second Vatican Council had the best opportunity to do the Consecration of Russia and rejected it for political concerns and the Leonine Prayers were disbanded which contained a much abridged version of the original prayer or exorcism when prayed by an exorcist, not to mention the dropping of the Oath Against Modernism. I think we need to rely on the only thing left . . . and Mary gave it to us: the 1st Saturday devotion. We need to do this and we need to pray the original prayer to St. Michael after each Mass. But more importantly, we need to enter into that devotion with true sadness and contrition for the sins and blasphemies that have occured in our times. She promised us Her help and I think that only She can deliver on that promise if we keep faith with Her. Your link is good. I think this is a good way to proceed on first Saturdays as well: http://www.dailycatholic.org/1satdevo.htm

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