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I have become increasingly concerned about the moral and ethical decay that is sweeping our country and the political corruption that threatens to destroy our way of life. This blog will focus on both the basics of a sound moral foundation for society and a look at the catastrophic consequences facing our country due to our increasing abandonment of religious principles.

From a country started upon the ideas of religious liberty, we are now faced with the prospect of replacing our moral footing with a shaky foundation founded upon secularism, pluralism and other novel notions that have taken root like never before. Entitlements, nowhere promised or even dreamed of by our founders, are accepted as if we are born with rights far beyond the rights given us by God and easily deduced as natural rights by most individuals. This self-centered expectation that we are owed something from this world beyond life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has led to an unequal application of justice that deems to make some people more deserving than others to receive help from a government who distributes money and resources from the successful to the unsuccessful.

Individual charity has been replaced by large charitable organizations and government programs that have turned once grateful recipients of aid into a group that feels entitled to help and demands more and more every year. They feel entitled and worse yet many are envious of those who have succeeded in life and loath their success (Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.).

Corruption among our politicians is by far the worse this country has ever witnessed as they have strayed far from the moral principles of our founding fathers. My contention is that unless we fix the moral decay in this country we will never be able to stop our slide into obscurity: think ancient Rome and Greece who after years of moral decline became irrelevant. Moral decline has always preceded the downfall of once powerful and influential countries.

Can we turn it around? With the help of God and by individually changing our lives we may be able to stem the tide. But it will take great effort for people of good will to stand up for the good in an increasingly corrupt and evil society.

Padre Pio‘s counsel may be the best short answer: “Pray, hope and don’t worry.” We need to place our trust in our Lord who said, concerning His Church, that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

So my focus on this blog will at times be spiritual, political and hopefully always in accord with Catholic orthodoxy. If I should err concerning the faith, I ask pardon of the Church and will make corrections in a following post. Please feel free to comment or ask questions concerning any of my posts.

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  1. Dear David/Servus –

    Kind of new to this. Was told about Ann Barnhardt’s piece on Veils, which you posted on your site, and asked
    about its origin (before learning it was Barnhardt’s) at CatholicAnswers forum. Fr. Vincent Serpa replied that
    he had never heard about the comparison Barnhardt draws between the marital embrace and the priest leaning
    over the ciborium and chalice during Consecration.

    Can you tell me (and I’ll be asking this question of Fr. Serpa as well) if this is a legitimate comparison? My initial
    readings of just a couple of Barnhardt’s writings tell me that she is a faithful, TLM Catholic, and quite outspoken
    and passionate.

    Any thoughts, many thanks!

    God’s blessings upon you and yours,


    • Mary, its been many moons since I read the piece. But my opinion is that Ann got her proposition of this from somewhere but not as an official Church teaching. We have many such customs and symbolism that grew over time – some caught on and others did not. My guess is that it is from the spiritual writings of a saint or a theologian that she read but have no affirmation . If you are really curious why not go to her website and ask. She might give you the reference. If she does I would be interested in finding out myself as I have had several inquiries that are unanswerable by me as I did not write the article. I thought it was an interesting approach to the topic and so I re-published for the enjoyment of those who visit my site.


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