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Liturgical dance

Liturgical Dance is an “Abuse”…. Unless We Say it Isn’t

God help us if they decide this is not an abuse of the liturgy. If you have ever witnessed such an abomination it will make your head spin. Although forbidden, this abuse is still seen from time to time in parishes throughout our country.

Lord of the Dance: Catholic World Report

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Lord of the Dance: Catholic World Report.

I don’t know how many of you have almost been propelled to the doors of the Church when this song is sung; but at least now I see why my distaste is so rooted in a visceral response. One might better rename this song Lord of the Flies since the song was inspired by the Hindu god Shiva and the gnostic Acts of John. Why is Shiva and gnosticism in our hymnals? And how did the song get in our hymnals in the first place? See wikipedia history of the song.

Liturgical dance? I guess it has not yet gone completely away. Apparantly it is still alive and well in certain places. This is a bit long, but well worth the read.