The one about how WE ARE THE GOLD | Barnhardt

The one about how WE ARE THE GOLD

Originally penned and posted on February 29, ARSH 2012.  The next day Western Rifle Shooters Association reprinted it in full (everyone has full reprint permission – I’m not writing this stuff to exercise my fingers, I’m writing it to be read), and the following comment showed up on the WRSA thread.  I found it quite humbling.  Hopefully it encourages folks to read this piece, despite its length.

“Part 3 of 3 is the most profound insight on why we are where we are in this allegedly Representative Republic that I have encountered in 40 years of deep reading on history and economics. In this day of shallow education and shortened attention spans, I never expected to come across anything like the profound insight and clarity she put forth here. I submit that the above paragraphs are nothing less than the Unified Field Theory of Western Civilization. One of the Founding Fathers said that the system of government they had put together would only work for ‘a moral and religious people. They will utterly fail for any other’. In a few paragraphs, Ann just explained to us why that is so. Yes, it’s depressing, and the successfully and designed outcome of an amoral state education system. Well done Ann.  -Trivium Pursuit”

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Prior to Adult Faith Formation, One Thing Is Necessary – Homiletic & Pastoral Review

In a recent article in HPR, I stressed the need in the Church for adult formation. 1 Of course, the leadership of the Church knows the need very well! But, the inconvenient truth is that there is widespread neglect in following through on the well-documented magisterial recognition of that need. The many wonderful documents that teach the rightful priority of adult formation don’t seem to make it down to the pews. That, however, was the subject of the first article: we need adult formation in the faith!

In this article, I hope to stress a simple but essential prerequisite to that needed formation. Without this one thing, all the formal education in the faith will remain merely on the surface of the person. Is that so bad? Yes, it is. God sees the heart, and wants to pour his life and his love and his truth into human minds and hearts. God seeks to gather human persons—mind, will, body—into blessed communion with him.

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