Multicultural to Individual

Tower of Babel by Lucas van Valckenborch in 1594

Tower of Babel by Lucas van Valckenborch in 1594

Every family has its own language and culture. It is the largest cohesive bond that exists within the family after the bond of familial love. Should a family adopt children from other cultures and languages, it is up to the adopted child to learn the language of the family so that they may truly be on an equal footing and enjoy the unity that the family provides.

Multiculturalism has been turned into a mantra for diversity, inclusiveness and other such words which have now become almost meaningless with their overly politicized use. It is supposed to evoke a warm, understanding and loving view of one another, while the results of these movements have proved to be antithetical to their rhetoric. At stake is the tearing apart of a culture with common values and pitting brother against brother in a never ending barrage of personal attacks and slander.

Two Lessons

The first lesson is the tower of Babel. Though there are a number of lessons to be learned from this Biblical episode, one of them is that when God confused their language, all progress stopped, all unity collapsed and each tongue sought out their own driving them into smaller groups. It was a means to divide a previously large and united family of peoples into smaller disparate groups.

The second lesson is the coming down of the Holy Spirit as ‘tongues of fire’ at Pentecost. I think the lesson here is obvious; that through love, all men of disparate groups came to understand one another though they spoke different languages. It was the antithesis of Babel.

The Church

Very early on the Catholic Church understood this lesson, if not explicitly, at least implicitly. She formed within Herself a common language for the Church: though other languages were used, Latin prevailed and of course the brotherly love of all men was the primary bond. In this way all persons entering the service of the Church as priests or deacons were required to know Latin and all of the Sacraments were administered in Latin as the common family language that the Church finally adopted officially. This was a bond that allowed all men and women, no matter what their native tongue, to worship together and to pray together as one.

When the Modern Church removed the former Latin from the Mass, we found one particular church after another scrambling to find priests that could speak many various languages. So we no longer have one celebration of Mass for the community to share, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart. Now we have a schedule of Masses to appeal to this ethnic group or that one. The adoption principal and family cohesion has weakened.

For the first time, the Church wrote the Catechism in the modern language of French. Previously, the Latin language was used for all official documents of the church which the former catechisms were deemed to be. It shows us 2 things: we have lost an educated popular base that could be trained in Latin before attending Seminary and we have lost the knowledge of the consequences of confusing the languages within a family.

The Country

This multicultural divide has invaded both our religious and secular cultures and has splintered us into small blocks of individuals who demand special accommodations for our particular group. Such a nation, when it panders to this kind of thinking, can never be united and once again feel like a national family. We no longer share the same language or the same culture. There is no mystery as to why we have such a divided country and we cannot seem to agree on anything. Our politicians and ideologues have played each small group to hate anyone that does not want to pander to their particular demands.

Divide and conquer is the name of the strategy. These people who would destroy this country know that they would not have a chance to win political voice or change our way of life if they did not divide us into small, weak, squabbling factions that cannot unite on anything.

The Church

My fear is that the same strategies have been employed within the Church at the suggestions of the malevolent one who would like to divide us; thereby eliminating the Church’s political voice or gaining a complicit silence.

Last Thought

No wonder we now have so many people embracing a totally individual response to religion, spirituality, politics and freedom. We just keep dividing into smaller and smaller factions until there is nothing left but self-serving egoists ready to be seduced by the panderers of this world.