RORATE CÆLI: Modernism is ideological – Tradition is realistic, but must be lived in simplicity

Modernism is ideological, Tradition is not, it is realistic.

Tradition v. Modernism

It is Modernism with abstract concepts, adopted from the prevailing culture, which has claimed to transform Catholic life and thought. Starting from modern philosophy, idealism, Personalism and the ideological psychology of modernity, modernism has wanted to adapt the truths of the Faith and the actual life of Christians; in so doing, it has destroyed everything and has rendered the Christian life, first false, and then useless and impossible to live.

In Modernism, everything comes from ideology; cogitations by contemporary atheist and agnostic thinkers are embraced uncritically as good, and there is a desire to force Catholic thought to adapt to them so that it will not remain ‘outside history’. It is a continuous desire ‘to keep up with the times’ so that Christianity does not grow old. It is not reality that commands, but ideology and the ideas of intellectuals.

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