The Church Militant

Christ the King

It is the method of the Enemy to attempt to disrupt the mission and battle plans of Christ and His Church at every turn in history. Like any battle foe, the Enemy of our Lord, will attempt to attack the weakest flank, infiltrate the ranks, sabotage the weapons, destroy morale, and spread confusion and discontent. Is that not what we see since the last major shift of our battle plans: our plans for the Church in the Modern World?

Were our weakest links found in a few shepherds who cared more about their position and power than about Christ our Lord and the care of His sheep? Did the Enemy enlist their help by weakening their resolve to fight Evil? Did he whisper to them at night or deep in their souls: “Does the Enemy even exist?” Did he move them to weaken the weapons our Lord had provided His Church, or at least make many in the Church frightened at the prospect that they may have been sabotaged and therefore ineffective? If that were his strategy then the confusion, divisions, distrust and fear has worked its way into our ranks and works to weaken the morale of the flock; creating disunity and sowing doubt while destroying resolve. The sheep are likely having trouble discerning their shepherds from the hirelings.

The only voice the sheep will always understand and hear is that of The Shepherd of Souls, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is time for our army of spiritual warriors to regroup: seek silence, so we might only hear the Voice of God. It is the chaos that frightens and confuses us. We have become lost sheep. We need to find the Shepherd of Souls and all things will once again be set aright.

Some say that there are weaknesses in the New Mass, the New Rite of Baptism, the New Rite for Ordination of a Bishop and the New Rite for the Exorcism of the Evil One. If so, then the sabotage has occurred and we must fight on despite this disadvantage. If not, then we are only in a state of confusion and doubt; rife with fear, which the Enemy desires. The cry must go out that we must regain our courage and show no fear before our Foe. Have confidence that the Lord for Whom we fight, will lead us to victory no matter what the Enemy devises. This Church that fights beneath the standard of the Holy Cross will not fail. His Holy Spirit is dwelling in our midst and binds all our wounds.

Our cause is just, our Lord is Justice Himself and our outcome is assured; being testified to by Christ and the holy flock He shepherds. The saints give their testimony as well: those valiant soldiers who fought difficult battles over the ages. We may lose ground at times and even lose a battle here and there but the war is far from lost. It only serves to make us savor the Eternal Victory all the more. Seek Him Who gives courage to the weak and joy to the oppressed; He fails us not. We have only just begun to fight and we will not cower in the sight of our Enemy.

Though our Foe may revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for Our Lord’s sake. “Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven.”