Makers and Takers

Well the takers are in control. That means that workers have been abandoned to an unfortunate future that discourages investment in business or in some cases working at all. It will be very easy for those approaching retirement to simply sign up for early retirement and try to get by on their social security rather than try to get ahead of the curve and preserve some wealth for their retirement and their posterity. What’s the use when half of the country wants to benefit from those who must pay for those benefits?

It is not simply, the American worker that has fallen into this trap, for it has been going on for years by state governments and agencies, cities and counties, corporations, and yes, even the churches. The old mantra of, there is no such thing as free lunch, becomes obviously clear. For every dollar that is received from a Government agency has always come with bureaucratic and political strings attached. Those strings over the years have increased in size, weight and strength as they now more closely resemble chains and fetters. Their beneficiaries look and act more like enslaved cattle than men or women; fattened and cared for until the inevitable slaughter – for physician assisted suicide is gaining momentum and it is only a matter of time that the old or sick will serve no purpose in our society as it did for those useless babies in our mother’s wombs. Human dignity was the price and we have now a country where half of its populace is willing nay, eager, to give away their freedom, dignity and personal liberty.

We are the Romans of old that demand bread and circuses who don’t give a fig about being enslaved to a government who will provide these temporal pleasures, conveniences and financial help.

In the Catholic Church in America, our USCCB has long tried to play ‘nice’ with the government, lauding any program that helped the poor though the type of help that was being doled out was paramount to slavery. They played ‘nice’ on green agendas that were perpetrated and even manipulated to gain power and to raise revenues through permits and land leases and paybacks in the form of political contributions. The USCCB has looked like a cheering squad for the reckless spending of the power hungry bureaucrats that infest Washington and it almost seems that it is no more than a payoff to keep the federal government from launching an all out assault on the Church. So our USCCB has become an enabler of political positions that do not square with the teachings of the Church at all unless one is a master at playing verbal gymnastics in order to explain their actions in the light of the Church’s teachings on social justice. It’s power and relevance to Catholic thought is looking more like the Church’s version of the United Nations; impotent, misguided, controlling, and speaking without any real authority on the issues. But Catholics seem to believe, wrongly, that they speak for the Church. They do not. They speak for themselves.

The hope was that the USCCB had finally awakened a ‘sleeping giant’ that was more forceful and intent on never letting go of essential Church doctrine. However, the response was next to pathetic and the number of diocese’s and individual bishops that did anything of relevance in getting their priests to address the issue of Religious Freedom was all bark and no bite — as usual. I fear it awakened a church mouse, if that. The few individual priests and bishops who did things of significance and did not pander to the seamless garment loophole in Catholic doctrine are to be commended. But they were few and far between.

So I am going back to my old view of the USCCB and will no longer pay them any attention. I will look to my individual bishop as, at least I am commanded to do so as long as he is not teaching something in direct violation of the defined teachings of the Church. How hard have our shepherds fought the fight against contraception, abortion, euthanasia, or homosexual unions in the past? Where was the vigor and the public disgrace foisted upon those Catholic politicians that folded to the demands of secular society? Why are they content to see millions of Catholic laymen remain completely in ignorance about these doctrines and feel free to vote for those who promote intrinsic evil? I fear that we will have to wait for a new generation of bishops and priests to ever see the New Evangelization take hold. I pray that God will send us good and holy priests so that this temerity is ended once and for all; that the divisions between priests and bishops don’t continue to cause confusion within the laity. A divided country is one thing but a divided Church cannot evangelize itself much less the secular world.

Many priests of this country should be ashamed that in this election we have allowed (and in some cases) encouraged our laity to vote for and support unholy programs from a regime that pushes socialistic programs, abortion, euthanasia, homosexual marriage and enslaving welfare practices (all condemned by the Church) without providing any plan to create jobs and restore America’s moral values and the dignity of the human person. It is a record that will not be enviable in the annals of Catholic history. God forgive us: too few of us have any idea of what we do.

As a side note: The most pro-death administration this country has ever put in office won both the Jewish and the Catholic vote. Good job, priests and rabbis, at getting the Judeo-Christian teachings understood and  accepted by those people you were tasked to shepherd. I’m afraid I’d have to give you a failing grade for your efforts.

Communion Statement Stirs Controversy

This is from an article published 6 years ago and shows that the USCCB has not changed much. They have problems speaking out clearly on moral issues though the statement at the end of the article by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz is interesting in as much as it makes clear that the USCCB has no binding power on Catholics. The power actually resides in each of the local Bishops and they are the one’s that should be setting the rules in their own diocese. Unfortunately, few take these issues on directly and seemingly hide behind these non-binding statements from the USCCB.


St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke said Catholics who write or vote for pro-abortion laws are rampant and cause widespread scandal and confusion by defying canon law and receiving Communion.

“Why is it that whenever one of these politicians is notorious for voting against the natural moral law ultimately he gets his picture in Time magazine receiving holy Communion?” Archbishop Burke asked. “It’s an open affront to the Church and her most sacred teaching. It’s profoundly confusing to the faithful, and we should clear it up.”

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