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Mere Christianity

C. S. Lewis remarked, in Mere Christianity, I  think, that the greatest evil we can do is to call what is evil good  and what is good evil.  It does not matter whether this calling is  shrouded in the form of relativism, diversity theory, or the will to  power.  The effect is the same.

In  the end, we now call, by various sophisticated names, what is evil  good. We make laws to justify this reversal of good and evil, which, as  such, do not change. We penalize those who hold that the “thou shalt  not’s” are correct.

But  the key point remains: the “enablers” who justify and make evil  possible by their own disordered souls. Repentance remains the only way  to stop this reversal, repentance and, as Benedict says, judgment.

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Is Tolerance a Virtue? – Truth and Charity Forum

There is no point in teaching tolerance if virtue is not taught along with it. In this way, “acute tolerance confusion” will give way to “resolute virtue commitment”.

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