Miscellaneous Videos

“Narcissism and the Dynamics of Evil” by Doug McManaman


From Reclaiming the Sacred

From Reclaiming the Sacred

From Reclaiming the Sacred

If you think I’m depressing wait until you hear Ann Barnhardt. She makes me look like an optimist.

Ann’s explanation of the relationship between the state of Israel and the individual, Judaism and Christianity in 3 parts.

Does your religion ask you to be nice?

On Senator Lindsey Graham’s idiocy in his disdain for our First Ammendment rights.

8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Videos

      • Boo for free hotel internet – I could not get the video to even start. But I watched it on my 5G.

        What an amazing little boy. He talked like a wise adult. It was not even like listening to a child speaking.

        He must have had an incredible family. I wish more children could be exposed to the type of thoughts he was obviously exposed to, rather than video games and TV.

        Thank you for sharing! (On another note, I own the DVD for the FSSP Latin Mass training. That is a great resource for understanding what happens.)


      • Yes Garvin is an inspiration. I decided to put the FSSP Latin Mass Training videos on here for those who haven’t had the joy of witnessing what has in large part been lost. Thanks for viewing.


  1. Ann Barnhardt, Jesus Christ, a well formed conscience, Counter Revolution and the 19th Amendment. (Liberty First December 2012 Event) Wow! Lord, please give me the courage.


  2. My motto is now: “My name is Steve Brown and by the Grace of God, I am not a nice person.” This is from Ann Barnhardt’s video Nice 10-3-2010. I wish all my friends were not nice.


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