Proposed Army manual tells G.I.s not to insult Taliban, speak up for women | Fox News

Army Soldiers Afghanistan.jpg

A proposed new handbook for Americans serving in Afghanistan warns them not to speak ill about the Taliban, advocate women’s rights or criticize pedophilia, and the general in charge is not happy with it.

The draft of the newest Army handbook seems to suggest that ignorance of Afghan culture is to blame for deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces, according to The Wall Street Journal, which got a peek at the 75-page document. But its message of walking on eggshells around the locals is not going over well with U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen, the top military commander in Afghanistan.

“Gen. Allen did not author, nor does he intend to provide, a foreword,” said Col. Tom Collins, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan. “He does not approve of its contents.”

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4 thoughts on “Proposed Army manual tells G.I.s not to insult Taliban, speak up for women | Fox News

  1. Not one “SO CALLED” major network has not reported on this, except for Fox. So much for their “SO CALLED” Support for our TROOPS!!! The lie just like the administration.


  2. Our national leadership is clueless and gutless… particularly when it comes to the Islamic world. Secular people think only of themselves and have nothing that they are willing to die for… including freedom as we know it in America. They simply cannot understand what motivates religious people – Christian or Muslim. And they certainly are not willing to stand up for Judeo- Christian values. What a mess.


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